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Solar Farm

Project Construction

SOLARTECH ENERGY a leading experience in the realization of your solar farm projects. Our target, bring to our customers the best results and value into their investment. That's why, we always have as target to use the best solar energy crop technology.

Solar Energy

Self Consumption

You are a factory, an industrial company, a commercial company ? using solar energy for your own needs, is now very competitive. The sun will make your electrical bill stabile for decades, where fossil energy cost will raise dramatically.

In Moldova

Target year 2020

Moldova is since years working on the possibility to implement renewable energy within their territory. Biomass, wind, solar, all of those technology have a place in Moldova to reduce the energy dependency of the country.

Solar energy

What is a good solar energy installation

Solar energy installation must be made following the state of the art of that technology. Every where in the world solar energy installations are following safety rules, and quality rules. You must require this for your installation.


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New service 2015

Solartech propose you infrared solar panel inspection for your existing installation.
That technology help to find out weak point and to correct them as well as connectors inspection.